With truly great Jewellery you are never under-dressed for any moment in your life.
Jewellery made out of Magpies feet and bones subverts traditional English folklores surrounding Magpies stealing Jewellery.
Wear the Special Jewellery that any Magpie would surely make their Loot !
Unmistakably English and unforgettable, Claire English Jewellery is hand-crafted in England, and is born out of a pure British eccentricity and a mischievous imagination. 
Born in London. Made in England
 Jewellery by Claire English is inspired by Magpie's the pyrates of and the most maligned member of the avian world.
Folk-lore has many tales of Magpies acting as cheeky, thieving, feathered rascals who fly off with prized items of jewellery.
By turning the bones and feet of Magpies into Jewellery this collection subvert's these folk-lore’s by making Magpies into the Jewellery that they would surely make their loot !
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